Health and Fitness Goal Ideas

By FitSupplies

Why are goals important?

Setting fitness goals improves your chances of achieving what you desire, it also enables you to look back and see how far you have come. Setting goals makes us more specific so we are not doing anything that is unnecessary towards achieving our desired outcome. Having goals is also extremely motivational in itself! 

Health and fitness are spoken about simultaneously a lot and we can understand why. However, when it comes to exploring some goals that might appeal to us it is important to know what area we want to focus on. Three great categories to break this down into are; Nutrition, Physical and Emotional. 

Let’s first look at Nutrition and identify some possibilities; 

Learn portion control. Why? 

This is important in making sure we are eating what our bodies need. Your digestive system functions best when it is not overloaded. Making sure you aren’t eating too little is just as important.

Drink more water. Why? 

The reasons behind this are lengthy but think; regulating body temperature, maximising physical performance, nutrition absorption, helping in excreting waste through urination and perspiration, the list goes on. 

Improve your culinary skills. Why? 

Building confidence and learning new skills is likely to lead to the cooking of more nutritional meals. Especially in comparison to eating out and buying takeaways. 

Some Physical Fitness goals may include;

Try a new workout/gym class. Why? 

This keeps things exciting meaning you are more likely to stick to exercise. Learning new skills in new classes also boosts your confidence which helps towards your emotional health. 

Set a stepping goal. Why? 

This is an especially good goal if you are just starting off your fitness journey and are not at the highest level of health. You can start at a level that your feel comfortable at and will be able to visibly track your improvements and increase as time goes on. 

Stretch. Why? 

This simple act has many benefits such as; posture and flexibility improvement, increase in your range of motion as well as improving performance in physical activity. Again linking to your emotional health, this helps towards stress relief and calming your mind. 

Emotional health goals could include; 

Getting more sleep. Why? 

In our ‘Sleep on Exercise, Exercise on Sleep, the Benefits’ post we talk about the benefits of each of them on one another. Some of the main reasons why sleep is so important though is that having not enough sleep can lead to; impaired attention, increased stress levels and disturbed mood.

Establishing a morning routine. Why? 

Finding and sticking to a morning routine that works for you can in the long run reduce stress and anxiety. Anything that can set us up for the day with as little of these two things has got to be a bonus, right?

Organizing your living space. Why? 

This might not seem like it can affect your emotional health that much but having an organized living space can lead to improved sleep which we have established the importance of, reduced stress and healthier food choices which is an obvious positive both physically and mentally and many more.

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