Is a Home Gym Worth it?

By FitSupplies

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Yes, it is true that since the pandemic the sales of home fitness equipment has skyrocketed (the sales of the classic stepper increased by 500% in 2020), but don’t just think that once it is over the investment won’t be worth it. People have been making use of their free space in their homes for their love of fitness for years. 

History of home workouts

Home gyms are by no means a new thing. The 1950’s saw the introduction of home workouts on our daytime televisions, more so aimed at stay at home wives after WW2. Fast forward to the leg warmer era and you could find yourself workout videotapes being ever so popular. However, it was in the 1990s that we really saw exercise equipment enter the homes, fast forward 30 years and they have not left! 

Is the investment worth it?

A home gym costs less money in the long run.

Yes, the initial starting up of your home gym may set you back a few pounds, but in the grand scheme of things without the monthly payment of your gym membership going out you are sure to save over the course of time. 

Also with FitSupplies competitively low prices, it need not cost an arm and a leg to get you started. We have done the maths for you and put together a couple of ‘Under £200’ collections of the best home gym equipment we feel every home gym starter should boast. 

What's more, you have it forever!

What are the benefits of a home gym?

  • No more forgetting your earphones, you can blast your guilty pleasure music through your speakers as loud as you like (neighbours dependant).

gym meme

  • This says it all. With your own workout space, you can sweat as much as your heart desires without having to stop and wait for a specific piece of equipment and chance getting thrown out of your groove.
  • If you are struggling with a busy work schedule or desperate to squeeze a workout in when your baby is catching some zzz’s a home gym can provide you with the ability to do so. 

How to keep motivated in a home gym:

  • Okay, so we know this seems a little contrary to our previous point, however, if possible try and set aside some specific time. Treating your home gym in the same fashion as your local gym telling yourself you will workout 6pm - 7pm, will stop the temptation to cut your workout short.
  • If the space allows provide yourself with an area specifically designated for your workouts. FitSupplies equipment is brilliant in how it can be easily stored away, so even if you do not have a gym studio, be sure to move your furniture to one side when it comes to your workout. This will put you in an exercise frame of mind and keep you from becoming distracted. 
  • Make sure to wear your full fitness attire, it’s a state of mind. Think of it like this, you are going to an interview, yes you want to look smart for your prospective employer but it also puts you in that business frame of mind and makes you feel more able to achieve your goal. Wearing your gym wear has the exact same effect.

See below our handpicked home gym starter collections for under £200;

Collection 1;

Collection 2;